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In 1978, Hayley Industrial Electronics Ltd. was formed to produce high powered uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units for heavy duty applications such as the oil patch and in manufacturing plants. Over time, Hayley became well known for the high quality and workmanship of their UPS units. The power units Hayley supplied for industrial applications were housed in exceptionally strong metal storage cabinets, designed to withstand harsh environments and physical abuses. Products that can’t hold up in the field won’t be used for very long, and it is this belief that drove Hayley to ensure that their product were durable and long-lasting. It was this core belief that has made Hayley the first choice for industrial UPS units for almost 30 years.

Customers that were familiar with the high quality of Hayley’s UPS system cabinets, began asking if they could order custom cabinets from Hayley. Nothing in the market could compare to the same high standards and quality as they had experienced in the field with Hayley UPS System cabinets. Soon, Hayley began experimenting with various sizes and designs and after about a year of testing, Hayley formed Cabinets by Hayley to service the residential market.

Now, Cabinets by Hayley offers a full line of metal storage cabinets for the people that want the best in quality and appearance for their storage needs. These simply are the best made cabinets you can purchase.

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