Our Process

To ensure that your garage floor has a high quality finish that delivers many years of service, we at Scott Garage Concepts adhere to a strict preparation and application process.

Step 1 – Inspection

Prior to beginning the application process we do a thorough inspection of the floor to be coated. We are specifically looking for cracks, spalling, crumbling concrete and rising moisture.

At this point we will determine which cracks will be chased and filled, address the spalling and concrete degradation issues and evaluate any other obvious issues that may affect the final product.

Step 2 – Repairing Cracks and Spalling

To repair these issues, we grind open spalling and chase open cracks allowing us to fill the crack with a coating compatible crack filler.

Step 3 – Grinding

To prepare the floor for coating, the grind the floor with a diamond grinder. The purpose of this step is threefold:

  • Removal of Contaminants
  • Removal of weak latent material
  • Open up concrete to allow for proper “Wetting of Concrete”

Step 4

The first coat is applied and “Wets” into the concrete. Our floor coatings are a low viscosity product. This allows the coating to sink into the concrete in much the same way that water would sink into newly ground concrete. This process is called “Wetting” and is the key to a successful garage floor coating.

Step 5

With the first coat applied, a second bed coat is applied. While this coat is still wet, vinyl chip or quarts grains are broadcast into the coat. This ensures a consistent distribution of chip and creates the “Natural Stone” look.

Step 6

Following application of the Vinyl Chip / Quartz, it is necessary to clean off all the excess chip and scrape the floor to remove any partially adhered or loose chip.

Step 7

The final coat of clear product is applied covering the chip and resulting in the finished high gloss garage floor. Ready to be back in service in 24 hours.