Garage Floor Options


Garage stairs are easily coated using our flooring system. They may be concrete, wood or steel.

Stem Walls

The short sub walls that often surround a garage. This popular option allows for a seamless coating to be applied to the entire garage concrete area and forms a waterproof edge around the floor.

Grade Changes

Parking lips or steps has been cast into the floor can be treated as an integral part of a seamless floor system or this edge can be chosen to be highlighted in a different color or effect to highlight the face. This is a good option to address trip hazard concerns.


If slipping on the floor is a concern, specialized anti-slip material can be added to the final coat. This helps reduce accidental slips and falls.

*Addition of Anti-Slip traction promotion material will reduce the easy of cleaning.


Looking to show support for you favorite sports team or highlight you business. Our floor system allows for logos and decals to be embedded between coats.

Floor Colors Available