Commercial Floor Coatings

Our coating was initially developed as an industrial coating for concrete and steel this coating system offers a wide assortment of solutions for nearly every industrial flooring application. As a VOC-Free Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polurea coating; this system is ideal for situations demanding protection from the daily abuse cased by forklifts, heavy machinery and trucks. An added bonus of our system is that it is approved by the USDA and FDA; making it suitable for a wide range of food processing and distribution applications.

Auto Truck Delership showroom concrete floor

Kenworth Truck Dealership Showroom

aircraft hanger concrete floor coating

Aircraft Hanger Floor Coating

Our coating is 100% UV clear and will not fade, crack or peel in sunlight, making it a superior choice for exterior coatings. In combination with a fast curing (1-2 hour walk-on time per coat) technology, and you will have any industrial operation back into service in no time.  Outstanding resistance to abrasion, incidental heat contact, and a vast assortment of industrial chemicals underscore our proven track record of unparalleled performance and easy maintenance. Our system can be

Common Applications

Car Showrooms


Distribution Centers

Mechanical Shops

Aircraft Hangers


Animal Housing Facilities


Commercial washrooms

Cold Storage

Manufacturing Facilities

School Locker room concrete floor cating
School Locker Room Floor with Logo

Durability of Chemical Resistance

This system has abrasion and chemical resistance qualities several times those of epoxy based coating systems. This technology is patented and is certain to meet the rigorous needs of any industrial floor.

Our systems unique ability to “wet” or absorb into the concrete creates a level of adhesion that is far superior to other hybrid polyaspartic systems. In addition, our floors are fully resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals, including but not limited to:



Brake fluid

Skydrol B

and a vast assortment of other commonly used chemicals.

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